e) Reader’s Wall Guidelines


The Reader’s Wall is where you can share your creative works inspired by authentic study of the Bible with the community.

It is a space for original photographs, paintings, drawings, writings, poetry, videos, songs, etc., which are inspired by the Word of God.


  • All work must be original work; any work found to be plagiarized or copied from others will be subject to immediate removal.
  • Submissions must be inspired by the Word of God; if the inspiration is not obvious, then a brief description of how Scripture influenced its creation will be required.
  • Choose your favorite and your best piece, as only one slot per reader will be available. You are free to submit new works which will replace your previous work.
  • Submissions must be excellent work and have no typos or misspellings (unless integral to the piece); all pieces are subject to the site owner’s approval.


  1. E-mail submissions as an attachment (I support .jpg, .wav, or .doc files) to info@angelamagnottiandrews.com.
  2. Include your full name, up to three links (website, online store, blog, etc.), and your e-mail address or phone number.
  3. If the inspiration from the Word of God is not obvious, please include a brief description of how you were inspired by Scripture to create the work (no more than 4 sentences).
  4. I will make no changes to your actual submission; however, I reserve the right to make suggestions for edits to your description for grammar, punctuation, and readability prior to posting.
  5. By submitting, you are authorizing me to use your work on Brightness of Your Dawn and any associated websites or blogs I own. I will always include as many of your back links as I can in order to give you full credit. It is my privilege and honor to use my platform to help you grow yours.
  6. You are not authorizing me to use your work on any printed or published materials. If this comes up in the future, I will contact you to negotiate a mutually agreeable contract.
  7. By submitting, you are stipulating awareness that your piece will have a global audience and may be picked up by search engines and by the global community that is the Internet.
  8. The Internet is a global society. A photo of your work or portions of your written submissions may be taken from my site and used elsewhere. Your submission is tantamount to an agreement that you will not hold me personally liable for what second or third parties may do with your work.

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