c) The Creation Story

"Moon" by Scott Leak, used with permission

What follows is my creative rendering of The Creation Story (Genesis 1-2)

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Genesis 1:3-5

A crack split the air, and light poured in like liquid gold, flooding the space with warmth and electric energy. God declared over the light with ecstatic joy, “I like this!” He drew a boundary between the light and the dark. Night and Day emerged, and the first day passed.

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3 thoughts on “c) The Creation Story

  1. Franco Guerri says:

    The Spirit of God is power immeasurable with creative purpose. If a simple electrical current can cause a magnetic field which induces movement to matter around it, imagine the intelligent power of the 1 who created all things, with unlimited bandwidth, frequencies, amplitude and intelligence, moving over the chaos – unorganized matter -around calling it into living form.

    • rainlilyea says:

      Franco, welcome to the discussion. Thank you for reading and sharing your voice. I close my eyes and think over your words, and I am moved to an even greater level of awe and wonder over this One who brought us into being with a Word! I have been contemplating the raw power of a word. When we get to the creation of the expanse which polarized the waters, I believe we will discover an even greater sense of wonder, as if that were possible. Truly, there is nothing greater than imagining “The Spirit of God with immeasurable power” using His power to create rather than to destroy.

  2. Julie says:

    Love the imagery!

    On the earth when we create we always have something with which to start. Hard to wrap my brain around a total void.

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