a) Welcome

“Western Passage” copyright, Vladimir Kush


Welcome to Brightness of Your Dawn, a creative and interactive Bible study. My vision for this site is simple: (1) To merge my passion for the Word of God with my passion for creative writing, and (2) To develop a space where I can collaborate with others who share these same passions.

Inspired by Christine Kohler’s e-Book, Words Alive!, my first project is a creative rendering of The Creation Story (Genesis 1-2) using active verbs and onomatopoeia. You will find in the sidebar a link to The Creation Story which connects you at any time with this progressive work.

Here I introduce the first section of verses and invite you to ponder the sites and sounds of the first day of creation.

As I’m inspired, I will also share my thoughts on some of my favorite Bible study resources, methods of study, and writing skills and prompts, which will expand your devotional tools and inspire you to dig deeper into the riches of God’s Word, not only for personal enlightenment, but also for creative inspiration for your craft.


I offer several options for participation:

  1. Soak it all in, glean what you can, and use what you learn to enhance your own personal Bible study
  2. Ask questions, share revelations the Holy Spirit gives you, and share relevant experiences in the comments section
  3. Use the comments section and polls to share your thoughts about my current project
  4. Share your own favorite Bible study resources and methods
  5. Share your own creative projects with us


You are welcome to share as little or as much as you desire. Please remember that this is a public space. If you choose to share personal anecdotes, they will be seen by a global audience. Also, I request your help in creating a safe environment for creative expression by honoring the other members of the community. I reserve the right to remove comments that do not line up with the following guidelines:

  • Use I messages to express your thoughts and ideas
  • Uphold good internet etiquette in your communications with all members of the community, regardless of race, creed, religious, or political views
  • Remember our call to edify and exhort, please refrain from correcting others or harshly criticizing others’ work
  • Please do not use this space to share personal prayer requests or unrelated testimonies
  • You are welcome to share personal experiences and applications as long as they are relevant to the topic post
  • Plagiarism is stealing; please properly cite sources when using the words of others to make your point

Comments that do not adhere to these guidelines may be removed at the discretion of the administrators.

One thought on “a) Welcome

  1. Julie says:

    I look forward to watching your site evolve!

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